Problems with Aluminum Additive Manufacturing

Aluminum is the second widely used material in the world. However, aluminum has remained a challenging material for additive manufacturing, until ValCUN’s Molten Metal Deposition was developed. Here are some of the major challenges in Additively Manufacturing aluminum alloys.

  • Aluminum powders are used for producing explosives and fireworks (the bright white and gray light). They are highly combustible and flammable.
  • Long term inhalation of aluminum powder is a health hazard.
  • Aluminum powder is highly reflective and reactive. Laser absorption is lower than 10%.
  • Problems with high residual stress, distortion and solidification cracking.
  • Debinding and sintering aluminum parts fused with binder particles is very challenging as it also forms stable oxides.


These and many more technical challenges hinder aluminum adoption in AM. We solved these problems by Molten Metal Deposition of aluminum alloys.

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