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We are ... valcun

We develop a new and disruptive metal 3D printing technology that is both affordable & competitive. 

Using new or recycled materials allows us to bring 3D printing within everyone’s reach.

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About us

ValCUN is a young dynamic tech start-up developing a new & disruptive metal 3D printing technology. Our mindset and hunger for technology & innovation allowed us to take the risk to re-think current state-of-the-art technology. By tackling their major shortcomings, ValCUN allows 3D printing in mass production and outside capital-intensive industries.

ValCUN aims for fast and affordable metal 3D printing, enabling mass production.

Jonas Galle

Jonas is passionate about mechatronics and technology in general. Professionally, he holds a PhD in electro-mechanical engineering and has work experience as a system engineer, tackling the technical overview of a project. His spare time is fully dedicated to gain experience in all the stages of product development ranging from electronics, multi-physics simulations, mechanical design, programming, data-acquisition & processing, experimenting to manufacturing. Now both his professional & spare time merged into ValCUN.

Jan de pauw

Jan is an electro-mechanical engineer in heart and soul. Combining pratical skills and theoretical knowledge is his main asset, a talent that he uses every day at ValCUN. Jan holds a PhD in electro-mechanical engineering but enjoys nothing more than making things with his own hands from turning/milling over assembling till testing. As R&D engineer he is responsible for the  development of the ValCUN technology. 

No obstacle is so big that one person with determination can't make a difference.”

Jay Samit



ValCUN reduces investment and operating costs by developing a patent pending technology that uses safe to handle feedstock material instead of metal powders and operates without high-lasers.

Key features

  • Affordable: order of magnitude less capital intensive than existing powder technologies
  • High build rates: comparable to welding or WAAM
  • Resolution:
  • Down to 0.2mm
  • Adaptive during the process
  • Recycled feedstock possibilities
  • Opportunity for integrated postprocessing tools
  • Shorten post-processing time
  • Accuracy improvement


1.  Conformal cooling, heatpipes & integrated heat exchangers

  • Molds
  • Power electronics

2. Functional Prototyping

3. Series of lightweight parts & structural frames

  • Portable devices
  • Fast responding robotics


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  • +32 478 71 82 33
  • Christiaan van der Heydenlaan 24, 9041 Oostakker

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