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We are ... valcun

We develop a new and disruptive metal 3D printing technology that is both affordable & competitive. 

Using new or recycled materials allows us to bring 3D printing within everyone’s reach.

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About us

ValCUN is a young dynamic tech start-up developing a new & disruptive metal 3D printing technology. Our mindset and hunger for technology & innovation allowed us to take the risk to re-think current state-of-the-art technology. By tackling their major shortcomings, ValCUN allows 3D printing in mass production and outside capital-intensive industries.

ValCUN aims for fast and affordable metal 3D printing, enabling mass production.

Jonas Galle

Jonas is passionate about mechatronics and technology in general. Professionally, he holds a PhD in electro-mechanical engineering and has work experience as a system engineer, tackling the technical overview of a project. His spare time is fully dedicated to gain experience in all the stages of product development ranging from electronics, multi-physics simulations, mechanical design, programming, data-acquisition & processing, experimenting to manufacturing. Now both his professional & spare time merged into ValCUN.

Jan de pauw

Jan is an electro-mechanical engineer in heart and soul. Combining pratical skills and theoretical knowledge is his main asset, a talent that he uses every day at ValCUN. Jan holds a PhD in electro-mechanical engineering but enjoys nothing more than making things with his own hands from turning/milling over assembling till testing. As R&D engineer he is responsible for the  development of the ValCUN technology.

Mohsen saadatmand

Mohsen likes being challenged, well organized, analytical, punctual, sociable and a team player. He holds a PhD in materials science, and he is skilled in materials characterization, numerical simulation and programming languages (C++, Python and Fortran ). As research engineer and software architect, he is working on the optimization of the metallurgic quality of the produced parts and the integration of hardware with motion control and proprietary software applications.


The ValCUN team is strengthened by a high level of experience. The advisory board consists of a diverse number of advisors, each of whom excels in their field of expertise. From an emeritus professor at the KUL -one of the pioneering universities in additive manufacturing- to the CFO of a major technology company. Each of these experts believes in ValCUN and wants to enrich us with their insights.

Wim Beazar
Luc Boelens
Piet D'Haeyer
Mark Pecqueur
Jan Van Humbeeck

No obstacle is so big that one person with determination can't make a difference.”

Jay Samit



ValCUN reduces investment and operating costs by developing a patent pending technology that uses safe to handle feedstock material instead of metal powders and operates without high-lasers.

Key features

  • Affordable: order of magnitude less capital intensive than existing powder technologies
  • High build rates: comparable to welding or WAAM
  • Resolution:
  • Down to 0.2mm
  • Adaptive during the process
  • Recycled feedstock possibilities
  • Opportunity for integrated postprocessing tools
  • Shorten post-processing time
  • Accuracy improvement


1.  Heatpipes & integrated heat exchangers, conformal cooling

  • Power electronics
  • Molds

2. Functional Prototyping

3. Series of lightweight parts & structural frames

  • Portable devices
  • Fast responding robotics


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  • +32 478 71 82 33
  • Langerbruggestraat 33, 9041 Oostakker

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