Minerva Printer

ValCUN’s Minerva Printer offers the best in class aluminum 3D printing in a deployable, compact and sustainable way. What’s more, Minerva comes with an open parameter set, open materials, open data acquisition and open nozzle architecture. You have the freedom to tweak your parameters for your needs.

Safe and affordable wire feedstock

Deployable and easy-to-use

4x open architecture

1. Up to 2,000 W laser power
2. Integrated water cooling system
3. Pulse power up to 10 MW
4. Adjustable pulse lengths up to 10 ns
5. Dozens of pre-programmed laser patterns
6. Class 4 laser

1. Very maneuverable and stable machine with handy handles around the machine
2. Hose length up to 20 m integrated in the housing of the machine
3. Touch panel with physical buttons to operate with gloves on
4. Compressed air gun for quick cleaning
5. Electrically powered wheels

1. Warning LEDs around the entire machine
2. Emergency buttons and dead man’s buttons on the gun as well as on the machine
3. PPE integrated into the machine
4. Hose and storage spaces in the machine (no external hooks, …)
5. Automatic brake system

1. Sprung wheels that can absorb shocks
2. Bumpers around the machine
3. Lifting eyes and attachment points for attachments during transport

Some parts printed with Minerva Printer

Thermal Simulation

Explore our thermal simulation to gain insight of the physical process. We effectively reduce the time required to obtain an optimized parameter set, and so can you.

  • Finite Element Modeling (FEM) simulations via element birth technique
  • Remelting depth during metal deposition for fusion quality
  • Thermal history of every element is known, leaving no surprises
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm to accelerate process parameter optimization
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