Heat Exchangers

Our technology is best suited for heat exchangers and sinks. Small and medium size batches of heat extraction devices benefit immensely by Molten Metal Deposition (MMD). We cater to heat exchangers for electric vehicles, power electronics, data centers, high end computing fields, etc. We have some unique meshes and infills suited specially for the best heat extraction mechanisms.

Near net-shape

Our technology becomes highly interesting when buy-to-fly ratio is over 70% in machining. Economically, die casting less than 5000 parts is often not the best. Molten Metal Deposition is ideal in these cases for producing near net-shape components.

Ornamental Lighting and Sculptures

We have some of the best lamp shade designs that can’t be produced on scale by any other technology. Complex meshes, crazy patterns and unsupported curves – we do everything that beautifies lighting.


The sky is not our limit. We 3D print our way into space. We primarily collaborate with European Space Agency (ESA) for space applications.

Molten Metal Deposition is machine and gravity-independent, so soon we’ll sending our technology to print in space.

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